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Silkey Gardens LLC 2015

Welcome to our Other Fruit page!

Our Cherry trees were beautiful when in full bloom and many of those blossoms have become little cherries.


Our Blueberries also look good and we think we should have a very nice crop once again this year. They should be starting sometime in July. As always, be sure to check back, or join our e-mail list.



As we stated on our homepage, “our goal at Silkey Gardens is to provide delicious, pick-your-own fruit to Rice County and surrounding areas.” To achieve this goal, we are continually looking for and adding new fruit to those that we already offer. Other fruit we are trying to grow are blueberries, Montmorency cherries, American black choke cherry, wild plums, hazelnuts. We may have blueberries, plums and cherries this summer.

Be sure to check back often, or better yet, join our e-mail list by contacting This way we can keep you informed on all the new developments here at Silkey Gardens.

Sincerely, Grace & Paul

Silkey Gardens LLC