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Silkey Gardens LLC, 2016

115th St Silkey Gardens started in 2005 as a family operation, owned and run by Grace and Paul Silkey. Silkey Gardens is located on 115th Street outside of Dundas, Minnesota, on acreage first purchased by Austin and Grace Silkey in 1952.

The original farm was around 225 acres of which approximately 68 acres are still in the family's hands. Austin and Grace farmed the land and also raised their family of 11 children there. In 1969 they sold the house and five acres, and moved the family to Arizona, where for many years Austin worked in the construction industry. In 2003, Austin and Grace moved back to the Northfield-Faribault area where Paul, along with help from many of the Silkey siblings, designed and built them a new home on a site on their farm. At the same time as the building of the house, Austin was very ill. He died in October of 2003.

While Austin is sorely missed, we know he would have loved growing (and eating) the fresh fruit and would have enjoyed meeting all the customers, as much as we have.

We look forward to seeing you here this summer!

Sincerely, Grace & Paul

Silkey Gardens LLC